10 Early Warning Signs for Stroke That You Need to Know

Early Detection Can Save You and Your Loved Ones

Stroke is becoming one scary thing for many people since this kind of disease is placed among the other two greatest killer in the world. Because of that reason, many people are trying to find out if they have the risk of getting the stroke. If you are also thinking about the same thing, you might need to know these 10 signs for stroke since these signs below can be considered as the real signs that you need to watch out if you do not want to have the stroke that might kill yourself.

Blurry Vision

It is true that the blurry vision can be caused by the problem in your eyes, but you have to admit that stroke can also cause the blurry vision. Most of the time, this kind of blurry vision happens when you are tired. As an addition to that, the blurry vision usually happens for a short time and after that you will get your normal vision back, unless you have problems with your eyes.

Speaking Confusion

This one is another sign of stroke that you need to know. There are many people who have problems with public speaking or speaking in front of people. however, if you used to have this kind of skill and you suddenly have this kind of problem when you have to deal with people, you might get the first sign of stroke. For your information, if you cannot think clearly and confuse for a second when you have to speak with people, that is one clear sign of stroke.

Weaker Arms and Legs

Having the weak arms or leg is something that many people experienced. The problem is if you have the weaker arms and legs, as if your arms and legs are totally heavy. This one might be one of those 10 signs for stroke that you need to consider. To make sure that your arms and legs are getting weaker, you can simply try to do some exercises that you usually do. if you think that your arms and legs are harder to move, that might be one of the signs.

Getting Dizzy

This one is something that many people never realize when they are getting the signs of stroke even though this one is one of the clearest one that you can see. The problem is that many people think they get dizzy because they have not eat or they are tired. Even though that is totally logical, you have to admit that people with stroke will get dizzy more often. Sometimes, you might lose your balance when you are standing. Therefore, if you get dizzy for no reason often, you need to check your health.

Sudden Pain

If you feel the sudden pain in some parts of your body, you can say that the pain might be the sign of the stroke. That one is because if you feel the pain in some parts of your body without any reason, that can be considered as one sign that you are getting the stroke. Most of the time, the arms and the legs are the area where you will feel the sudden pain as one simple sign of stroke.

Sever Headache

Headache is something that you need to worry and that might not be one of the 10 signs for stroke. However, if you have drunk some medicines and you still feel the headache, you might want to check your health too. That is because the sever headache that attacks you often can be considered as one simple sign of the stroke. Furthermore, if your headache made you stop from doing any activity that you do at the time. That can be a serious problem.

Droopy Face

This sign of stroke can be considered as the start of your real stroke. That is because if you have experienced this kind of thing, you can say that your stroke is a sure thing. Therefore, if you have experienced this kind of thing, you might need to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Who knows that your stroke can still be properly treated? That will be a good news that you can get before you know that you have the stroke.

Fatigue and Mental Changes

The mental changes might not be something that many people experienced as one of the 10 signs for stroke. However, the fatigue is. For your information, these two signs are often experienced by the women who have the stroke. That is because of the hormone and the fact that most women have the weaker body compared with the men. Therefore, if you feel that you get tired more often and you cannot control your emotion, you might need to check your overall health condition.


Many people agree that hiccup is a sign that you are going to grow. At least, that is applied for many kids. How about the adults? If you are experiencing this kind of thing for no reason and you cannot stop the hiccup in many ways, the problem might comes from the stroke that has attacked the breathing centre that is located in your brain. Therefore, if you have the hiccups for few days and it cannot be stopped in many ways, you will need to see the doctor to check on your respiratory system.

Fast Heart Beat

If you are doing nothing that can make your heart race but suddenly you feel the faster beat in your heart, you will need to be careful. this one is considered as one of those clear 10 signs for stroke. You need to know your overall condition when your heart is beating faster. If you feel dizzy with the sudden blurry vision, that is the conclusion that you have the stroke.

Those are some signs of stroke that you might need to know. For your consideration, most of those signs are considered as the light problems that many people deal every single day. However, if you feel that those signs are getting more often, you will need to check if those things are leading to stroke or not. This way, you will be able to handle the stroke faster.

Don’t forget to share this to your friends and family. And if you feel you’ve experienced some of signs above, make sure to check it with Doctor as soon as possible. Early detection can save you and your loved ones.

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