10 Early Warning Signs for Lung Cancer that You Shouldn’t Ignore

Smoking and Secondhand Smoking is One of The Majority Factors

Lung cancer can be considered as one thing that many people experienced. Most of the time, this kind of cancer is caused by the bad habit that many people do in their live, especially for those who smoke a lot in a day. If you are curious about knowing, if you have a lung cancer or not, these 10 signs for lung cancer below might be a good start to try. From the list below, you can simply think if you have the lung cancer of your own or not.

Shorter Breath

Many people think that if their breath is getting short, they will need to do more exercises to get the longer breath. Actually, that is not a wrong opinion, but if you are doing your regular activities and you think that your breath is getting shorter, then this might be one sign that you have the lung cancer. Before you check yourself to the doctor, you might want to try exercising first and check if your breath first. If you feel better, then that might not be the sign of the lung cancer.

Stubborn Cough

Getting a cough is something totally common. In fact, you can say that you can easily cough because of the simple things such as dust, smell, and weather. However, you need to differentiate between the normal cough and the cough that can be considered as the 10 signs for lung cancer. That is because the normal cough will be gone within a day or so. However, if you have the stubborn cough that you experience for more than a week or so, you will need to be careful with the health of your lung.

Weight Loss

This is something that many people dream of, but it turns out that losing your weight can be something bad since losing your weight can also be considered as the sign of getting the lung cancer. You need to know that people with cancer will lose their weight steadily and this is something that you need to highlight. The better thing from this sign is the fact that you can easily recognize the weight loss as the sign of cancer or not by checking on your diet. If you eat a lot of foods and you still lose your weight, then it can be one of the signs.

Pain in the Chest

Feeling the pain in the chest can be considered as one of the most visible sign of the lung cancer that you need to deal with. That is because if you have the lung cancer, you can make sure that you will feel the pain in your chest while you are laughing too hard or lifting something heavy. Basically, the kind of pain that you will feel is like an asthma, but if you do not have the asthma, but you feel the pain in your chest sometimes, then it can be one of the signs that you have the lung cancer.

Pain in Your Hand and Finger

If you are asking why this one is included in one of the 10 signs for lung cancer, the answer is because the pain in your finger and hand, especially the palm, is closely related with the cancer. If you think that your palm is getting thicker and the color is turning white, you need to start searching about the tripe palms. This one is something closely related with the lung cancer since about 11 percents of people with the tripe palms have the lung cancer.

Blood Spots

Sneezing and coughing is something that you experience every single day and sometimes you even experience this kind of thing for few times a day. Basically, those things are not dangerous at all. However, if you have found the blood spots while you sneeze or cough, then that is the real sign that you are getting the lung cancer. It will be better if you go to the doctor and check your health as soon as possible.

Swinging Mood

Some people said that the mood can be easily changed and that is one true thing. The problem is that only few of those people realize that the mood swing can be considered as the sign of lung cancer. Fortunately, this kind of mood swing is not something like many women with PMS or something like that. That is because the swinging mood as one of the 10 signs for lung cancer can be totally visible and a little bit scary sometimes. The swinging mood between anger and depression can be considered as the most visible ones that you need to know.

Infections in Your Breathing Organ

If you have checked your breathing organ and you only get the infections there, then you are lucky. However, if you feel that your health is not getting better and you still get the infection for a long time, that can be dangerous. You can make sure that you have the cancer if you get the health organ infection one after another.

Shoulder Pain

The pain in your shoulder can be considered as the high-level sign of cancer. That is because the pain is usually caused by the growing tumor that presses the area in your armpit so that you will feel the pain in the area of your shoulder. If you have experienced this kind of thing, then you might also have experienced some of those 10 signs for lung cancer up there.

Irregular Breast Shape

This one is usually something that only men with lung cancer experience. That is because the breast size and shape changing is considerably common for many women, but if you are a man and you experience this kind of thing, that might be one sign that you have the lung cancer. The growth and the changing of size are usually caused by the changing estrogen hormone inside the body when you have the cancer so that the size or the shape of your breast will change too.

Those are some signs that you might want to watch out if you are curious if you have a cancer or not. For your information, the list above is sorted based on the most common to the most detail sign that you can check.

Don’t forget to share this to your friends and family. And if you feel you’ve experienced some of signs above, make sure to check it with Doctor as soon as possible. Early detection can save you and your loved one.

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