10 Early Warning Signs for HIV/AIDS That You Should Not Miss

Avoid This Deadly Incurable Disease As Much As You Can

HIV or AIDS is something scary that many people do not want to experience, especially because this kind of illness is still beyond cure. There is no specific medication that you can take if you want to get cured from HIV AIDS. There are 10 signs for HIV/AIDS that you can learn if you are curious if you have the HIV or not. Learning all of those signs will surely help you learn out about the HIV sooner so that you can try to get the better life with the HIV that you have.


Basically, fever is something that you need to worry, but since this kind of illness is considered as one sign of getting the HIV, you might need to be careful with your fever too. Most of the time, the fever that can be considered as the sign of HIV takes about two to four weeks to recover. If you have the fever for that long, you will need to be careful since that fever might be the sign of getting the HIV.

Sweating at Night

There are a lot of cases when people sweat at night and most of those people do not have the HIV. Basically, people will sweat at night when the room temperature is high enough. However, if the room temperature is not high enough and you are still sweating while you sleep at night, you need to be careful. for those who want to check if the night sweat is one of the 10 signs for HIV/AIDS or not, you can check on the sweat on your cloth in the morning.

Sore Throats

For those who already have the HIV, sore throat is something certain. That is because more than half of the people with the HIV experienced the sore throat. However, you will not need to worry that much about this one sign since you can easily get the sore throat if you eat something improperly. However, if you have the sore throat for more than two weeks, you need to go to the doctor and check your health.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

This one is the certain sign of getting the HIV or AIDS. You need to know that the lymph node is the one that deals with the immune system most of the time. If you are getting the HIV, you can make sure that this part in your body will work harder to give you the better immune system. As the result, you will get the swollen lymph nodes. If you feel the pain and the part is a little bit tender, that means you have the HIV.


Basically, rashes are not a problem at all, but if you have the HIV, you will notice that you have the rashes on some parts that you might have never though before. Some of them are on your head scalp and on your chest. Getting the rash on the scalp is not something common so that if you have the rash in your scalp, that might be one sign that you are getting the HIV.

Myalgia and Arthralgias

The Myalgia and Arthralgias are two positive signs that can be considered as the 10 signs for HIV/AIDS. Myalgia is the muscle pain while Arthralgias is the joint pain. Even though those pains are considered as something common, but those things can be quite dangerous if you feel those pains at the same time since that can be a clear sign that you have the AIDS.


It is something common that you will experience if you do a lot of things. However, if you are not doing many things and you feel tired most of the time, that might be one of the sign. For the general check, you can try to rest and take some supplements first. If you still feel this kind of thing for few weeks, you need to check the health condition of your body.


To make it simple, you can say that the headache is the continuation of the tiredness. If you feel tired most of the time and the tiredness is caused by the HIV, you can make sure that you will get the headache too. Unfortunately, the kinds of headache that people with AIDS experiences are different. Some will get the migraine and some will feel the total pain on the back. The case of this 10 signs for HIV/AIDS is different one another.

Nausea and Vomiting

There are so many reasons why people experienced this kind of thing, but if you experience these things with no reason, you need to stay alert. You need to know that if you have the AIDS, your immune system is at the lowest and the bacteria can easily attack. When the bacteria attack, you can easily feel the nausea and vomit. However, you will not need to worry if you vomit after you eat something since if you have the HIV you will vomit with no reason at all.


This is the last one that can be considered as the sign that you are getting the HIV or AIDS. You need to know that HIV is something related with the immune system inside your body and that means getting the diarrhea is something that you will experience if you have the HIV. That is because there are bacteria inside your body and you might also get some infections that you have never thought before. That is the main reason why the diarrhea is considered as the sign of getting the HIV.

Those are some signs that you might want to be aware if you are thinking about yourself and your loved one for getting the HIV. For your final consideration, all of those signs above might not be something that you need to worry if they appear alone or one by one. However, if you experience some of those 10 signs for HIV/AIDS at the same time, that might be a clear sign that your immune system is not at its best. Therefore, you might want to check if you have acquired the HIV. This way, you can start living the better life after knowing your overall health condition.

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